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Social Potential Roadmap

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BACB-approved provider of  10 hours of Type 2 CEU credit.

The Social Potential Roadmap is a turnkey solution for building an effective clinical intervention that achieves maximum potential for learners. Dr. Poirier reveals how to use guided social interaction to advance social and cognitive development.  She shares practical strategies to teach highly-effective storytelling, social language, friendship skills, and problem solving skills that are vital to intellectual growth.

The Social Potential Roadmap is designed to help a child (a) develop an awareness of his interactive strengths and weaknesses; (b) develop knowledge of social rules, roles, and routines; (c) learn how to recognize and understand social behavior in other people; (d) learn how to communicate his intentions correctly; (e) learn how to change the way he communicates to meet changing social needs; and (f) learn how to start and maintain interaction with others.

Dr. Poirier will cover five (5) core roadmaps covering all aspects of development. She will explore developmental goals that must be included in an intervention program to help learner achieve maximum potential.

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