Dr. Karina Poirier

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Certified Cognitive Educational Therapist
  • Dynamic Assessment Examiner
  • Certified Cognitive Training Provider
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

DKP_ImageDr. Karina Poirier, Director of the Center for Social Cognition, is a board certified behavior analyst serving children with developmental disorders.

For the past 17 years, Dr. Poirier has worked directly with children & adolescents with developmental disabilities using behavior analysis principles and techniques, implementing early intervention programming, and has taught numerous social skills groups along the way.

She’s is the author of the book, “Unlocking Social Potential in Autism,” She’s also the creator of the Poirier Social Potential Curriculum.

The outcome of Dr. Poirier’s evidence-based teaching methods is an active and independent learner who can fully participate in the social, academic and vocational settings.

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…we just had our tri-annual for my son who is entering kindergarten this fall. His intellectual quotient (IQ) has gone up 35 points since he began working with Dr. Poirier 18 months ago. The IEP team was very impressed with his foundational skills. Everyone commented that he is actually ready for first grade. My son has truly made an incredible progress. He has friends and several playdates with children his age weekly.

Our son has progressed in such an incredible manner with the help of Dr. Karina Poirier...Rapid improvements in language, cognitive skills, and social skills have been noticed by everyone (especially with the educators) in our son’s life. We are so grateful to have Dr. Poirier’s help.

…Dr. Poirier tailored our son’s program according to his specific needs by creating and achieving pre-set goals and objectives…He has learned so many practical cognitive, language and social skills for school and everyday life. We have noticed how having these skills has given him confidence, and his levels of frustration have greatly decreased.

Wow! I can’t even begin to describe the transformation and changes I have seen in my son over the past year. It’s absolutely incredible to watch him interact with others and be able to stay engaged…. My son’s self-awareness is better since attending sessions with Dr. Poirier.

I always read about executive function as an issue with children with social delays. This workshop helped me understand that the primary goal of therapy should focus on teaching the child how to regulate his or her behavior.

We first enrolled our son in the Apprentice Program when he was 5 years old. Before then, he had early intervention with the Regional Center of Orange County until the age of 3, and also had speech therapy until he was 5. After just a few months in the Apprentice Program at CSC, we noticed an incredible improvement in our son’s language development, cognitive skills, and social skills. He has learned to adapt to change and be flexible with participating in a variety of activities, making it easier for him to transition from one activity to another.