Clinician-Guided Parent Training (PT) Program To Prevent Behavior Problems That Interfere With Learning And Social Integration.

Feeling overwhelmed by your child’s unruly behavior?

Children with autism can be hyperactive, impulsive, aggressive, and noncompliant. They may also be prone to tantrums and self-injury. These issues get in the way of them learning daily living skills, increase your stress as a parent, and can impact the whole family’s quality of life.

Autism awareness and education aren’t enough! 

I provide customized evidence-based autism parent training that shows you how to help your child acquire the skills to become part of the wider world. The advantage of my training is that it’s all-inclusive and guided by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. My guided clinical training will help you bring peace to your family life and enjoy a positive interaction with your child. I’ll show you what to do and how to do to encourage behaviors you want using positive interactions and avoiding the cursive parenting style.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Learn evidence-based strategies for parenting the difficult child.
  • Implement scientific prevention strategies to curb problem behaviors.
  • Gain all the necessary skills to manage your child’s behaviors.

…then this program is for you!

In this 18-week program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  • Understanding and identifying the root cause of problem behaviors.
  • Learning to implement a scientific approach to managing problem behaviors.
  • Implementing a proven method for communicating positively with your child.
  • Learning effective teaching strategies for promoting social and communication skills in both verbal and nonverbal children.

I invite you for a free phone consultation today. 

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