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Local and Distance Families Services

As your autism specialist and coach, I utilize my proven teaching strategies to design and implement a successful clinical intervention programs. Serving as an extension of your core therapy program or school intervention staff, I will empower your child to…

  • Make considerable improvements in language, cognitive and social abilities.
  • Develop much greater social and emotional understanding.
  • Strengthen your child’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Interact with other children with more ease and spontaneity.

All of my personalized 1:1 coaching sessions will be held via online secure link, and each will be specifically tailored to optimize the program I’ve put together for your child. I will dedicate all the time needed to diligently:

  • Study and review your child’s case history in detail.
  • Conduct a detailed interview to understand your needs and desires.
  • Study your child’s social behavior from video recording sessions using specifically designed interactions.
  • Conduct an extensive  record review and video observation to develop an accurate developmental profile.
  • Design your child’s intervention to reach maximum potential with a strong focus on developing functional skills.
  • Monitor your program’s successful development and implementation.

Ongoing consultations to further your training and adjust your child’s program goals will be billed at an hourly rate, with a four-hour monthly minimum.

Please note: Travel expenses apply if you wish to have on-site consultations.