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It’s never too late…

When I first came to Dr. Poirier a little over a year ago, I was completely at the end of my rope. I had been wasting ridiculous amounts of money and spending endless years, months, and days trying to “reach” my son. To say the least I was completely exhausted, but as a mom, you do whatever you can for your child. I knew that my son was an extremely smart and funny boy, but he didn’t seem to know how to express himself appropriately. He had difficulty staying focused, which obviously wasn’t good for him academically at school, or socially when making friends. We didn’t know what to do or where to go next; it seemed like our window of opportunity to get him to be the fun-loving, intelligent kid we knew he was, was fading.

My son was already six years old when I was referred to Dr. Poirier; I was aware that six years old, by most standards, could potentially be too late to begin a new intervention program. Dr. Poirier was confident not only in her abilities as a therapist and teacher, but also in the great potential she saw in my son. We have tried almost everything possible to help our son, including special diets, neurofeedback, and various other therapies to name a few; as you can imagine, I was skeptical. Because Dr. Poirier was so sure of her abilities and my son’s potential, I had to give her program a try.

Wow! I can’t even begin to describe the transformation and changes I have seen in my son over the past year. It’s absolutely incredible to watch him interact with others and be able to stay engaged. I started homeschooling my son last year because he was such a disruption to other students in his class. He would get out of his chair constantly, walk around the room, and just talk incessantly while other students were doing independent work. His impulses were out of control. My son’s self-awareness has greatly improved since attending sessions with Dr. Poirier. In his co-op homeschool class, he recognizes that he can’t just blurt things out, and he raises his hand when he has a question. He stays in his chair until his work is finished, and his manners are just incredible.

Those changes alone have made me the happiest mom ever, but just a few days ago, my son and our family received the best news we’ve ever had. After taking his National Scantron test as he entered 2nd grade, my son received a special certificate from the state recognizing him as a scholar. Not only did he pass the test with flying colors to be promoted to 2nd grade, but he was also scored in the 99th percentile of all kids his age in the entire country! That means only 1% of children his age in the whole country scored better than he did! I just wanted to cry because there is no way any of this would have been possible if I hadn’t met Dr. Poirier. She had the same faith in my son that I did. She knew all along how smart he was, and she gave him 100% of her attention and love as soon as he walked into her class each day. You don’t often find people who care about your child as much as you do. No amount of money in the world could ever repay what Dr. Poirier has done for my son, and for my family.

The right approach…

Our son has progressed in such an incredible manner with the help of Dr. Karina Poirier. Our autistic son, who was 5 at the time and 6 months away from kindergarten, started seeing Dr. Poirier. Prior to that, he had 3 years of intervention services to address severe language delays, inappropriate social behaviors, and cognitive delays. His progress was adequate over that time, but he was still at risk of being placed in a special education program.

Out of frustration, we turned to Center for Social Cognition, hoping to see our son make greater improvements. It was the best decision we have ever made. It was clear that Dr. Poirier’s main concern was how she could help our son. She identified the right goals to work on and created a tailored 10-hour weekly program to achieve them. Dr. Poirier’s methods clearly worked for our son. He made tremendous progress in the first 6 months and successfully integrated in the general kindergarten program with no aide.

His progress has continued at an amazing rate. After 1½ years of work, our son has overcome his severe language delay and is keeping up with all his 1st grade classmates in reading and math. He is also making good friends and has become an outgoing and charming little boy. Rapid improvements in language, cognitive skills, and social skills have been noticed by everyone (especially with the educators) in our son’s life.

We are so grateful to have Dr. Poirier’s help. We believe that our son would not be where he is today without the benefit of her expertise and her caring approach. We absolutely recommend families to take advantage of the services at CSC.